Thursday , 22 February 2024

A Word from Balazs

It was good to have a room full, and to have gifts of the Holy Spirit following a time of praise. A tongue from Bob, and an interpretation from Cliff. A prophecy from Barry H. A word from Frank, and the laying on of hands and prayer for Connie, Malcolm, Barry H and Sue. Thank you to Cliff for leading us in communion.

Our friend of many years, Balázs Kovács, from just outside Budapest, was with us, and spoke of his work with the Roma people, in 2 churches in Hungary. He emphasised the importance of baptising people when they gave their lives to Jesus, and praying for them to be baptised in the Holy Spirit immediately after that. And then for discipleship, after which they should consider opening their home and starting a new church. We were exhorted to be upfront with sharing the gospel, and seeing the church grow. 

The prayer meeting is at Catfield on Thirsday, 2pm, and our next meeting in Frettenham is next Sunday, 10.30am.

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