Thursday , 22 February 2024

A Lonely Chair!

People started arriving at 10am, and within minutes, the room as buzzing. We are family. We love being together, chatting together, praying together, and laughing together.

It is the birth day season – last week was Michelle, and this week is Shirlene and Connie. ‘Happy Birthday to You’ is hardly praise, but was sung with energy. Then there was praise, worship, prayer, testimony… Shirlene and Sam led us in breaking bread, and Barry H spoke. So many people participated.

Later, a large birthday cake was brought in. An amazing candle, when lit, virtually exploded into a revolving flower of several candles playing ‘Happy Birthday to You’. Coffee, cakes, and the room buzzing.

But – behind the sofa, there was a lone chair, empty. Billy (and Wendy) are in Texas, and we miss them. We pray they will be refreshed there, and succeed in finding just the right property when returning. A home with an open door, is their vision.

Next meeting – Frettenham next Sunday.

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