100% was the BBC’s rain prediction at 7am – and they were right. It was then going to fall to about 35% by mid-morning. Wendy and I have had a few weather miracles involving rain this year, and expected it to stop. So when the prediction changed suddenly and in fact, quite abruptly, to 2% at 9am, we prepared for praise on the patio.

A mixture of old friends, new friends, and new faces…. with praise, worship, gifts of the Spirit and words of encouragement. 

Indoors, Shirlene led us in communion, Fred gave a testimony, and we prayed for those sick, stretching out our hands but not touching.

I spoke on Ephesians 5:1-7, where we are told to be imitators of Christ, walking in love. We each have to decide who is on the throne in our lives – self or Jesus. The culture of the world is based on self, whereas the culture of the kingdom is based on sacrificial love.

Self is the soft option, but choosing Christ brings huge blessing. Choose Christ. It is practical, and love needs to be actioned in the world we walk through every day, marriage, family and workplace. This week we look for opportunities to express love and be kind. And every day that follows!

Our next meeting is next Sunday, 26th July, 10.15am for 10.30am. We are not doing lunch for everyone, though there is tea and coffee at the end of the meeting.

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