Word for the Year!

We started with a reading from Isaiah 57 by Wendy. Judgement – the same today. Mercy – the same today. The same God and Father.

Praise and worship for 20 minutes or so. Sensing his presence. Reassuring. Blessing us.

Barrie read psalm 1, and the first 14 verses of Deuteronomy 28. He had been seeking a word for the year. Both passages full of rich promises,

BUT – both passages are full of CONDITIONAL promises. Be real about the Lord – fellowship with him, time with him, obedience, praise, etc. and the promises hold true. IF!

Wendy led communion. We prayed for people in the church, individually, each one, and then others.

 More worship.

Roast pork.

Wish we could invite you round!

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