We Pause!

We had meetings at Catfield and Frettenham, though I can only report on the Frettenham meeting,

Wendy started the meeting with a psalm, Bob led worship.

Mike and Pauline led us in communion. We spent time praying for those unable to be with us, especially those unwell at present.

We looked at Psalms 120 and 121. Psalms 120 to 134, called the Songs of Ascents, are a picture of the spiritual life, and we can identify with so much that is in them. And find help there, of course. Psalm 120 reflects the cry of the unsaved coming to Jesus. In distress, the Psalmist cried to God, and lamented the fact that those around him were ungodly and difficult to be with. But he was delivered, and in Psalm 121 is looking to the Lord for protection, and finds that He is always there for him. That is our testimony too. And that is just a summery of the blessing of God in these two short psalms.

Now, with lockdown, we meet ‘by telephone’ until early December.

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