The Piano Man!

It was so good to have Alan ‘Piano’ Smith with us, leading worship and speaking. Last time Alan came to us, we had over a foot of snow. This time we had a tremendous deluge of rain.

We had a good room full of people, but Shirlene, slightly under the weather, felt the roads would be too bad (and were), John A was unable to come as currently unable to walk with foot problems, Marcus texted to say his eye must stay dry following his cataract op, and Rob was on his back following an injury this week. Phew – that gave us some folk to pray for.

But other ‘regulars’ arrived, soaking, drenched, but praising. So good to have Barry H with us after 5 weeks walking 500 miles through the Pyrenees. His leading us in breaking bread was anointed, and not without humour.

Thank you Malcolm, for encouraging testimony re witnessing during the week. Always good to see that Stetson on the standard lamp. And thank you to so many others for their contributions.

Alan used to play piano/keyboard with 60’s groups and artists including Marty Wilde, Johnny Kidd and the Pirates, The Fortunes, etc. and led us in a great time of worship, punctuated with gifts and praise.

He spoke on ‘the real Jesus’ of Hebrews 1, quoting Joseph Prince and Andrew Womack. It was a message of grace and faith. Alan will be with us at FGB Tuesday evening.

Thank you to Wendy for an array of soups and puddings.

No meeting in Frettenham next Sunday, but we meet here again Sunday 20th October. Please pray for those with health challenges, and for me (Barrie) at FGB national conference next weekend.

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