Thank You, Jesus!

The final meeting of the year, with a full sitting room. Praise, worship, gifts of the Spirit, prayer for the sick, breaking bread together, and teaching from the word. Personally, I felt the closeness of Jesus in a very wonderful way.

The past year has seen people come and go. We hope some of the new ones will stay. We want numerical growth, but we must retain the vision, having seen those few churches that shared it, seemingly lose it.

We thanked God for all he has done for us, and the past year is not without miracles. Tim was at death’s door, medically, but having literally cried out to the Lord, we have seen him bounce back from life support.

We thank Wendy for so many wonderful lunches.

Our next meeting in Frettenham is not until Sunday 17th February. Do come – and stay for lunch. In the meantime, may the Lord bless you richly in 2019.

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