Friday , 23 February 2024


Wendy read psalm 2, and we considered how appropriate it is today. People don’t want God, is the message to start with. Why? Because to acknowledge Him is to recognise a responsibility towards Him. The words ‘Kiss the Son’ invite us to come to Jesus and have a close relationship with Him. That was our intention, and always is.

Praise. Worship. Prayer. Communion.

I read Acts 2.42-47, where it speaks of the simplicity of church life. Apostles teaching, fellowship, communion, prayer. House to house. Their teaching was that of the Bible. They shared their lives together, enjoying friendship. They took communion and remembered Calvary. They spent time in prayer, because they knew God heard and answers. We considered the Duke’s funeral the day before – robes, ceremony, unbelievably expensive building, priests… How different from the church in the Bible. Simplicity – and they knew the power of God amongst them. This is our vision.

We prayed for friends unable to meet with us just now. We worshiped.

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