Power for the Journey!

So what did you do today (Sunday 2nd May)?

Wendy read psalm 92, and we then sang the first verse in praise and worship. We love scriptures set to music. And then we sang a lot of others, and thanked the Lord for being so good to us.

We came to communion, and read the ‘communion passage’ in 1 Corinthians 11. We stayed with that passage, as it started speaking to us. We considered the background and context, of Passover and Leviticus sacrifices.

Jesus said the wine was His blood of the new covenant. Goodbye old, and welcome new. We are enjoying something new, and so much better than the old covenant. And so much better than people in the new covenant but living like the old – money going on church buildings, ‘priests’ in old covenant type clothes, altars, and lots of repetition. And the bread reminded us of the Passover unleavened bread. It gave them strength to leave Egypt and move towards the promised land. An obvious parallel – feeding on the words of Jesus empowers us. 

We broke bread, and spent time in prayer for members and future members of Liberty, and for guidance and growth.

We praised the Lord some more, and then enjoyed roast pork and Sauvignon blanc.

So what did you do today?

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