New Regulars – and VALUES!

It is such a blessing and encouragement when ‘new faces’ become ‘regular faces’. Looking round Sunday morning, I counted 7 people who were not here a year or so ago, and one regular couple who were unable to come. 

Thank you to Bob, leading worship on keyboard, and to so many people for numerous contributions by way of readings, prayer, testimony, etc.

Rod S blessed us with an amusing testimony of, having given someone half the amount he felt the Lord told him (£10 instead of £20), his van’s engine blew up and he sold the vehicle for £4,500 instead of £9,000. Malcolm spoke of sharing testimony with a flying instructor this week, and praying for his wife. Connie read, spoke on, and testified about psalm 91. Wendy L read psalm 122. Many others contributed, and Malcolm led us in breaking bread.

There have been requests for a midweek meeting. Malcolm spoke about this, and details will soon be announced.

Next week, everybody is invited to stay for lunch, after the meeting. We look forward to fellowship and fun.



– here are some thoughts on church, Christians and money


Many people think that churches want your money. Well, they often do! They have expensive buildings and paid ministers and staff to finance. But the churches in the Bible (book of Acts) did not, and nor do we. We meet in homes, hire a hall if we need to, and where people go into ministry, believe the Lord will look after them, if they really are called. Or ‘ministers’ might work part time; the apostle Paul sometimes worked as a tent-maker.

BUT – there are two things we can spend; we can spend them once, and then they’re gone! Time and money. Wendy and I often say, “It’s not what people say. It’s what they do.” If full-time ministers visit us, we might have a collection for them. Otherwise, we rarely have a ‘collection’, and it is up to each one of us to give God priority with our time and money. It’s really quite telling. I know how real I am about spending time with the Lord, and giving money for his work. It’s like a spiritual barometer. I can’t look at my time and my money and kid myself, even if I can kid others! Am I doing, and not just saying.

By the way, where should we give? Ministries (people serving God but not hooked up for a wage), missions,  charities and the poor. Or simply wherever you feel God tells you. We live in a needy world. We are each on a journey, and along the way, we should give, give and give. Ask the Holy Spirit to guide you in this, and if you want any advice, ask one of the more established members of the church. Or read Barrie’s book, PENNIES FROM HEAVEN.

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