Jesus always sets us free!

It’s always good to have a room full of people, especially with one new face, and one visiting after a few years. I love the variety of ministry during our meetings, where there are not only prayers, testimonies and gifts of the Holy Spirit, but where a spontaneous solo is also part of the flow.


Thank you Marcus, for leading us in breaking bread, Shirlene for sharing a word on grace, Billy, Wendy S, Tim, Malcolm, Lesley and others for contributing in various ways, and Wendy L for spending time teaching the children.


We looked at psalm 107, where there are pictures of Jesus being the Answer to life’s problems. Those in the wilderness (world) and brought to a safe city (the Church), those locked up as prisoners (depression, etc.) are released (set free), and those tossed to and fro by the vagaries of life, like a ship on rough seas, are brought to a safe harbor (peace). Sometimes we have to hang in, clinging onto Jesus – but He always brings us through into a much better place.

Quiche from the ‘Back of the Garden’ farm shop, and various desserts. Thank you Wendy and others.

Our next meeting in Frettenham is next Sunday, 8th September, 10.15am for 10.30am. All welcome, including for lunch.

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