Holy Spirit Freedom!

I love the fact that we never know what will happen in our meetings. No order of service, usually no scheduled speaker, and even Bob leading worship and not knowing which praise songs we will sing. “That’s dangerous”, is one response to how we meet; but seriously, is it not more dangerous to plan the meeting in advance, and hope that ‘God turns up”? Or allow the Holy Spirit, say, 15 minutes?

We thought Billy and Wendy might be house hunting, but they arrived, and Billy told us how he witnesses, and challenges, men pushing prams. Have they told their child about Jesus, cos they’ve got until it is around four. 

We prayed for a few who were not with us. We welcomed Keiron, who had not been before. He is younger brother to Cindy, fianceé of recently engaged Frank. We congratulated Mark and Michelle on their first wedding anniversary.

Praise, worship, gifts of Holy Spirit and prayer. Wendy read psalm 90, unaware that Barrie had read it earlier that morning. Mark and Michelle led communion,

Connie gave testimony, and we prayed for Malcolm, having gone to hospital the previous day with chest pains.

Psalm 87. Wherever people had been born (Egypt, Ethiopia, Philistia et al), there were those the Lord recorded as having been born in Jerusalem. Regardless of our background, sinfulness, purity, belief, etc. the Lord will record us as being part of the family of God if we come to Christ.

Frank shared some encouraging scriptures from Proverbs. 

We praised God, closed in prayer, and continued. We toasted Mark and Michelle, some with Prosecco and some with lemonade.

We meet next Sunday, same time, same place.

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