He is Exalted

Wendy read psalm 96, where we are encouraged to sing to the Lord, to glorify him, and to worship him. We did, for around 20  minutes.

I had been reading Philippians 2 earlier, and we read the first 11 verses. We are told to have the same attitude that Jesus had. He was God, and yet he humbled himself, came to earth as a man, and was obedient to his Father, even to the point of death. And having come from such height, and descended to earth, and such a death for our sakes, he has now been exalted to the highest place, and one day every knee shall bow at the sound of his Name, and every tongue will confess that he is indeed Lord.

We are in a heavenly place, because of what Jesus did. We took bread and wine and thanked ther Lord for all he has done for us.

We prayed for all those who might have been with us,

and though not a member, we prayed for Steve Kirby, a Christian friend, whom was undergoing surgery today.

We sang further worship to the Lord, and looked forward to the time when there would again be a roomful of people praising the Lord.

Please pray for one another, and especially those by themselves, and those facing challenges. Ann is now having rehab at the West Norwich Hospital.

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