Friday , 23 February 2024


I stopped counting the number of people a few weeks ago. There is not a huge number, but I have had to bring in extra chairs the last 2 weeks. Dear friends we have not seen for a year or so, and new faces, are a joy.

During the week, a Christian friend who attends a very large church, told me that we will never see young people amongst us. That could have been depressing, except – the Lord had already spoken. Wendy and I had read Zechariah 8 early that morning, and verses 5 and 6 had impacted me so much, that I had written the reference in my diary. ‘Boys and girls would fill the streets of Jerusalem’, which represents the church. ‘Is this impossible for me?’ asked the Lord. A rhetorical question, with the answer an emphatic ‘NO!’ We are challenged to invite younger people, pray for younger people, welcome younger people… and the Lord will bring them in. Wait and see!

Thank you to Bob for leading with keyboard,

to Malcolm for encouraging us, giving testimony, and leading us in breaking bread together. Contributions from Connie, Wendy L, Rod, Cliff, Fred and so many others were so appreciated.

We looked at Psalm 122. The joy of the psalmist in reaching the company of God’s people reminded me of my joy after conversion. And today, with God’s people gathered in Frettenham – or when with Gods people in Bosnia, Mexico, France, Bulgaria, Latvia, New Zealand, and several other countries. Joy!

Those in the city were safe, so long as they stayed in the city. Some will stray, and be picked off by the enemy – don’t be one of them.

‘Pray for the peace of Jerusalem’. Literally. But ‘shalom’ is blessing, quality of life, health, more than enough money to pay the bills, peace, etc, and this is God’s will for us. Let us be aware of one another, and not conform to the ‘Me, Me,Me’ culture of today.

Lunch was a room full of people and a room full of laughter. Thank you Wendy.

Next Sunday, same place, same time. Refreshments to follow the meeting.

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