Full Again!

I love it when the room is full. Full of people. Full of praise. Full of the Presence of God, and it was this last fact that was remarked on yet again.

Always praise and worship, (nearly) always gifts of the Holy Spirit, (nearly) always communion, (nearly) always prayer for the sick.

Billy and Wendy are in France towing a caravan, seeking the Lord with regard to settling there, and unable to speak French. We prayed!

It was so good to have Marcus and Lesley Philpott with us, and we appreciated Marcus’ ministry from Isaiah 52 and 53 – the fifth gospel! He brought out the detailed description of Calvary, but also of the gospel, and of the future gathering in of Israel. Very much appreciated, and we look forward to seeing them again soon.

Our next meeting in Frettenham is next Sunday, 31st July. Do join us.

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