Every meeting is different. Well, it certainly should be. This week there were no visitors, no children, and at least two regular couples away. In fact, there were less than a dozen of us. 

We usually start with praise, but we started with testimony. During the week, a bereaved man had asked me where his wife had gone. It was delicate, not compromising with the gospel, but also being supportive. And a tradesman came up our drive to attend to a repair, and broke down in tears. Another bereavement. I just put my arm round his shoulders. “I know you’ve been praying,” he said. Opportunities from heaven to bring God’s love and God’s word into this world.

We are so concerned, appalled, hardly believing what we see happening in the Ukraine. Cliff read Psalm 2. Then Barry H read the final verses of Psalm 119 before going into 120. Such appropriate words. We prayed.

Eventually we moved into praise. There was a prophetic word from Cliff. Wendy L shared various miracles from the Ukraine. Bob and Connie led us in communion. Shirlene closed in prayer.

Tea, coffee and cookies amidst animated conversation continued for some time. In so many ways, God had spoken.

A text from Mikey and Lou at Red Lodge. It was their first meeting this morning, and eight of them worshiped and shared together. We had prayed for them. They rejoice.

Our next meeting is next Sunday, 20th March, at Frettenham.

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