Come, Holy Spirit!

“Come, Holy Spirit”, is our prayer every time we meet. And once again, we were not disappointed.

Bob led us to a heavenly place in worship, and Malcolm encouraged us to a time of prayer, with almost everyone leading, as we covered sick and challenged family members and friends. And Ukraine. Wendy led communion.

Anointing oil is mentioned in psalm 133 ( and other places, of course). It covered Aaron from the crown of his head to the hem of his garment. It was made to a heavenly formula. It was unique. It smelt beautiful. As we step out into a new week, may we spend time to ensure that we are filled with the Holy Spirit, so that we take the beautiful fragrance of Jesus wherever we go.

At this point, Michelle produced anointing oil, and anointed everyone present. She had felt led to bring it, with maybe anointing people. This was her divine cue! There followed further anointing of B, who needed healing of his feet, and anointing ting of M, who needed to be baptised with the Holy Spirit.

Next meeting is next (Easter) Sunday.

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