Chew on the Word!

Even with several folk away for various reasons, we had a good crowd. So many people participating, with teaching words from Shirlene, and particularly from Barry H. 

Barry spoke from Leviticus 2, on the grain offering. He shared much valuable, practical teaching. The grain was to be broken up, and have oil poured on it. When we read the word, we are advised to ‘chew on it’, break it up, meditate, allow the Spirit to speak to us. And when we share the word in the meeting, the Holy Spirit will make it live for others.

Thank you to Bob for praise and worship, to Malcolm for leading communion, and so many others.

My apologies that this is late. A fluey-type bug has not stopped me doing all I can, by the grace of God, but I’ve had to prioritise.

Next Sunday we have Jonathan and Paige speaking, and there will be visitors, and at least one first-timer plans to join us. There will be a Liberty lunch to which all are invited. Letting us know first helps with catering!

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