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If we say that Jesus is Lord, then we should allow the Spirit to move freely, and not have an order of service carved out in stone, so to speak. Who has a word? What shall we sing? Which gifts of the Holy Spirit should be in operation? If we say that Jesus is Lord, then we need to let Him direct by His Spirit, or we are being inconsistent.

Last Sunday was a time of great praise and worship, and of breaking bread together. Then there was prayer, and gifts of the Holy Spirit, and some people shared from the word things that the Spirit had revealed to them. For once, there was no teaching of any length – so what! That was the way the Spirit led us, and if we had decided beforehand that Fred would speak after Barrie had led in certain songs….. then the Spirit would probably have withdrawn – understandably.

Jesus was glorified, and everybody grew by using their gifting.

We meet next in Frettenham on Sunday 21stJuly, 10.15am for 10.30am. All welcome for lunch.

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