Ask, Seek, Knock!

It was good to be back in Frettenham, though a great time with the Christian Dental Fellowship at the Hayes Conference Centre at Swanwick in Derbyshire last week.

Thank you Bob, for leading us in worship.

So many shared, including Cliff, Shirlene, Frank, Billy, Malcolm…..

We looked at Luke 9:11. Ask, seek, knock. 3 types of prayer.

Ask in faith – faith comes by hearing (Rom.10:17), so be real with God. Spend time, listen, hear God, and then proceed in faith. Understand more of the way ahead God has for you – spend time seeking, listening. Knock – don’t give up.

But all real prayer, and answers, flow from proper relationship with the Lord. Time in praise, worship, etc daily. Be real.

Barry Harvey is ill, and had phoned yesterday. His new computer had lost books he had written and other materiel. We prayed over the phone, and everything was back an hour or two later.

I had heard a few years ago that a grandson was wobbling spiritually. Now, he is getting baptised, phones to ask for prayer, and to ask, ‘What can I pray for you, Grandpa?’. Thank you Father.

Wendy led us in communion, followed by a time of prayer for absent members, Israel and Ukraine.

We meet in Catfield next Sunday. Prayer meeting Catfield Thursday at 1.30pm.

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