Armour of God

The best made schemes… So many people planning to come, but then sickness and other distractions. And some people not able to come, found they could. Why do we try and estimate who will be with us? – because of catering for lunch, children’s teaching materials, etc. and at which Wendy is amazing in getting it right.

Thank you to James and Amanda and family for leading us in breaking bread together, and to Barry for speaking on psalms 128 and 144. We are created in a way that we have a need of purpose. Some people do not get up in the morning because they have no purpose. What purpose do you have?

Shirlene shared from 1 Samuel 17, that with regard to Brexit, the battle is the Lord’s.

The children entered with sword, hat (helmet), slippers (sandals), waistband demonstrating the armour of God.

Much chatter and laughter around the lunch table as ever.

Our next meeting is next Sunday – same time and same place. All welcome. Do stay to lunch.

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