You’re not invited!

Just the two of us meeting again, which can seem boring? No way – this is live worship, where the Spirit of the Lord is, and we participate. We find this more exciting and meaningful than screens, but appreciate the advantages for those who do.

What did we do? Wendy read Psalm 111, and said why it was meaningful to her. It was joyful, and expressed what she felt, and what she expected.

We sang praises and worship for 20-25 minutes, interspersed with prayers of praise, and for others in the church worshipping in their homes. We had communion, and meditated on its meaning.

I shared from Genesis 35. I find it easy to identify with Jacob. He messed up. He found himself separate from his family. God met him. God blessed him. He wrestled with God. He settled in the land God gave him, and prospered there.

I messed up. I was separated from my family. A family in Aylsham took me in, encouraged me, prayed with and for me. God gave me my little cottage,

and commissioned me to start a Christian book shop. He helped me, and used me, in church and fellowships. I was never in serious need, and never very wealthy, but always OK.

Recently, he has blessed my socks off even more.

Jacob returned to Bethel, where God had first spoken to him. When he returned there, he was a mega-blessed man. I look at my life here in my extended cottage, and I identify with Jacob. And worship God.

Next meeting here is next Sunday. Only the Holy Spirit is invited. Sorry folks – Boris says!

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