No Better Place!

There was no better place to be this morning! Well, I’m sure the Lord was blessing other churches, but the meeting today was ‘something else’. Praying with people before and during the meeting, an overwhelming sense of the presence of God coming down amongst us, gifts of the Spirit, laying hands on the sick, testimony of healing from last Sunday, and communion. 

Thank you to Barry H for leading us in breaking bread. Great to have Chris and Martha from the USA with us, and thank you to Chris for his encouraging word. From all he observed, he felt that revival was imminent, if not already happening. It would be, or is, in the Lord’s sovereign timing – but He looks for hungry people.

The room was full, and extra chairs were brought in. If more people come (and sooner or later there will be a lot more), we can accommodate them. But there will come a time when we have to review accommodation. Be prepared for change.

There is a sense of being on the edge of breakthrough. We’ve been here before, but this could be the time. Following breakthrough, there will be a surge. The Lord is doing a great work here, and nothing is contrived. What is happening is real, and we will continue to look to the Spirit to lead us in his way, knowing that he will always point to, and glorify, Jesus. May we never lose sight of the fact that this is what it is all about.

Next week – same place, same time. Do come along.

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