Led by the Spirit!

I am increasingly aware of the importance of participation when ‘we come together’.  It’s so clear in New Testament scriptures,

and yet so many churches seem to model on the Old Testament set-up of priest and congregation, or leadership/ministry team and congregation.

And so, as I’ve written previously, Wendy and I do not sit in front of a screen during lockdown, but sing our hearts out in praise and worship, share from the word, have communion, and pray. 

We seek to be led by the Holy Spirit, the same as when others join us. Wendy felt she should read Psalm 101 to start our time, and later we looked through it, seeing that two types of people are described – the godly and the ungodly. We sought to apply this – and prayed for people often or recently with us at Liberty, and for people from the village we had met on our walks over the past few weeks. After lockdown is over, we must invite them round for a party or for dinner.

I would like to say that all are welcome next Sunday….. hopefully soon.

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