Come to Jesus!

The room was more than comfortably full! It was good to have Bob and Connie back with us, after chest infections. Praise and worship filled the room, as did the Presence of God.

A number of people shared scriptures, and led us in prayer. Cliff led communion.

Jonathan and Paige Squirrell shared from the word. Paige read the opening verses of John 15, and emphasised the absolute necessity of ‘abiding in the vine’. Do so, and fruit will automatically happen. Jonathan spoke on the closing verses of Matthew 11. Come to Jesus and give Him your burden. But you must come  to Jesus and when you give Him your burden, receive an appropriate blessing – health for sickness, peace for anxiety, etc.

Malcolm closed in prayer, and after tea and coffee, Wendy presented a feast of a lunch for around 18.

There is no meeting scheduled for next Sunday. Next meeting at Frettenham is on Sunday 17th July, 10am for 10.30am.

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